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Are Your IBD Symptoms Worse At Night or During the Day?

For me the nights are the hardest.

When I talk to other patients about this it seems that I’m the odd one out. Most IBD patients say that the mornings are most difficult for them – usually consisting of several trips to the bathroom, pain, and difficulty in getting up and moving. Even during some of my most severe flare-up’s I could sometimes get through the majority of my day relatively OK (but my version of “OK” is soooooo off from what healthy people would call OK) and then everything got 1000 times more difficult at night. The urgency, the pain, the amount of trips to the bathroom; they all increased at the end of my day. 

I used to get home from school at it was like my body somehow subconsciously knew that it was safer to fall apart. My fevers would spike during the later part of the day too. I could go all day without one until it got late. 

It’s been happening to me recently and it’s tricky. I will have a relatively decent day with minor symptoms but then the nighttime rolls around and I am in so much pain that I can’t walk upright. I wake up in the morning and I am back to having a good-ish day so I am tricked into thinking it was nothing or it was just random… but then night time comes again. 

 What about you guys. Are your nights the worst? 


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