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TPN Backpacks Part 2

Most people on HPN receive a backpack from their home health pharmacy to use for their IV nutrition but they are ugly, have no padding, are oddly shaped, and hurt the shoulders and lower back. I have tried many backpacks over the many years I’ve used TPN and I wanted to share with you my favorites. 

This is part 2 in a series of posts about backpacks for Total Parenteral Nutrition. If you’d like to read about the problems that come with TPN backpacks and why a quality pack is essential for HPN you can do so in part 1.

Vibedration 2L VIP Hydration Backpack

Vibedration specializes in making hydration packs that are geared towards music festival lovers but they also work very well for the TPN consumer. 

The backpacks come in a variety of shapes and sizes ranging from small fanny packs to 3L backpacks. They also come in many different colors and designs which get updated often. You can usually find a discount code if you search #LifesAPartyStayHydrated.

What I Like

2L backpack in navy blue color with many sunflowers on it

Mine are 2.0 Liter packs which work very well for me and my needs. They have 3 different models of 2L backpacks: VIP, All Access, and GA which all come in different shapes. 

I have never tried the GA model but it looks like it may be too snug to fit TPN and a pump in. My TPN contains 1600ml and these backpacks have been perfect for that but if your infusions contain much more than that I’d suggest getting the 3.0L size packs instead. 

Final Thoughts

Between the 2 different models I have the VIP is my favorite because it is more comfortable to wear but both of them are very nice. The downside to the particular size of bag that I chose is that it’s pretty compact so you can’t fit a ton of stuff in it. It works just fine for carrying my TPN and everything I need for it as well as a phone, keys, and wallet. If you want more space I’d suggest sizing up. 

I also want you to know that just about any backpack in the right size can easily be used for TPN with a few alterations so there is one out there for you no matter what your budget. I will be writing another post soon on how you can convert any backpack into one you can use for your HPN.


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