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Sometimes, No Matter What You Do To Explain, Some People Will Never Understand Your Chronic Illness

If You Just Pray Harder and Eat Better...

One of the lessons I’ve had to learn the hard way is that sometimes no matter how hard I try to explain my health there will always be people who don’t get it, or who won’t even try to get it. There are so many people living with chronic illnesses who get accused of faking, being dramatic, not praying hard enough, not using the “right” treatment, and so much more by the people closest to them. 

Text gif that says 'Doctors say I'm the illest'

I used to feel so angry when faced with these situations. People in my life who didn’t understand my health conditions and their severity could get me really upset because I knew that I was going through very serious, sometimes life threatening, things that had seriously disrupted my life and none of their well intended suggestions were going to be useful to me.

Let Them Go

illustration of a lego in a thought bubble. Text says 'I hope you step on a lego.'

One thing that I have had to learn was that I can’t control other people but I can control my reaction to things to a certain degree. Basically, for my own sanity I had to learn to let stuff like this go and just let those people think whatever they want to think.

For me it has been helpful to learn to accept that I can’t change them. That doesn’t mean I don’t try. I try but if after doing my best to get them to understand and I still can’t do it then I just learn to accept it and move on.

There are people in my life that still think that if I only ate a certain way I would be all better or that because I don’t look sick to them that I must be doing well.

On and on my list could go with annoying things that people think about me and my health. All I can do is try and educate them but there comes a time when I realize that a certain person will just never get it and then I give up. It’s better that way because the truth is as much as you want a person to get it, as much as it would help you for a certain person to get it, some people simply never will. 


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