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Our Favorite PICC Line Covers

CareAline PICC Line Covers

If you’ve just been sent home with a PICC line you’re probably wondering what on earth they just gave you to cover it with. You know what I’m talking about; the mesh “cover” they send you home with that doesn’t really protect your PICC line from anything and in about a few days it’s as good as garbage. Not so helpful if you have to have your PICC line in for awhile. 

Last year I had my PICC line in for 9 months while I was on TPN and I did a lot of searching for something that worked better (and looked better) than that silly mesh cover I was sent home with. I came up with 2 favorites and one of them was the  PICC line covers from CareALine that I’m going to tell you about today.

I think that they are brilliantly designed. Their covers are the only ones out there right now that have a pocket to keep your extensions safe. It is extremely important to keep your line clean and protected. No one wants an accidental 

PICC line dislodgement from catching it on something. I used to be so cautious because my PICC lumens would flop around and catch on my clothes when I was dressing and on other things throughout the day. This cover keeps the lumens neatly tucked into the pocket and out of the way. It also means that you can avoid using tape to keep them in place which is uncomfortable and hurts.  

From their website: 

“The CareAline Sleeve is designed to keep lines off the skin and covered, as well as stabilized during use. The sleeve secures the line between two layers of cotton/spandex fabric, and includes a pocket area to hold caps and extensions when they are not in use. The CareAline Sleeve can be used for PICC lines and other catheters and tubes that come out of the arm or leg. 

Clinically proven to reduce line dislodgement, line breaks and CLABSIs, the CareAline Wrap provides a simple, cost-effective solution to inpatient and ambulatory management of vascular access lines.”

I ended up buying Dan one last year while we were both on TPN. It was actually before we were dating or had done Camp Oasis together. I just wanted to send him something while he was in the hospital to let him know I was thinking of him and since I knew he was on TPN I sent him the cover since I liked it so much.

The 411

Price: $19.95 (as I am updating this in 2020 the price is now $24.95).

Variety: A variety of 7 solid covers to choose from. Has a small pocket to tuck in catheter lines.

Material: 94% cotton 6% spandex blend. Contains no metal so you can wear it during X-rays and other scans.

Sizing: There is a good sizing chart on their website and they even have a video to show you how to measure your arm so that you can purchase the correct size. My cover fit great and I had no issues with it sliding out of place as I did with all other covers because of the material. Most covers are made with a lot more spandex and they end up not staying in place and sliding down your arm fast.

You should wash the cover every 2-3 days to keep it clean and protect your line and sterile dressing, but also because if you don’t the cover will stretch with wear and start to fall down. I was totally guilty of not washing it enough and it would start to slide down after awhile. Once I washed the cover it would go back to it’s original size quite nicely.

Customer service: Aside from being a reliable company (product ships fast, easy to order, etc.) what I enjoy about them most was the personal connection they have to patients. CareALine was started by Kezia who’s young daughter was going through chemotherapy and she realized that resources were lacking to cover PICC and CVC lines. She was fearful that her daughter was going to get an infection in her line or pull it out. When Kezia realized that a product was lacking for patients of all ages to cover their lines she created her own!

Overall impression:  Out of all covers I have tried this one had pretty much everything I was looking for. The material was great, it was comfortable to wear, and it didn’t slide down my arm due to too much spandex. I loved the little pocket to tuck in my PICC line extensions into and I felt like the cover did a good job of keeping my line stable when it was in use. It was nice to not worry about the extension getting caught on my clothes or other things and I felt like the cover was keeping my line and it’s sterile dressing nice and protected from dirt and other unwanted things. 

Two thumbs up!


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