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Terms and Conditions

Hey! Here are things you should know about using this site.

This agreement contains disclaimers and other provisions that limit the authors liability to you. Please read this page in it’s entirety as using, accessing, and/or browsing the site means you agree to and accept the terms and conditions listed on this page. By entering the site you acknowledge and agree that you have carefully read and understand the terms and conditions and that they are fair and reasonable to you.

If you do not agree to be bound to each and every term and condition set forth herein nor agree to follow copyright policy please exit this site and discontinue it’s use. 

You accept that your agreement to these terms and conditions is voluntary. By accessing this website and it’s corresponding social media you agree to the following terms and conditions. 

In the United States a person has legal protection of their original works (writing, photos, graphics, etc) under copyright laws as soon as that content is created. I love to create content for Inflamed & Untamed but hate when my hard work gets stolen and/or edited without permission. It is disappointing, disrespects the passion and work I put into creating resources for patients; it is also against the law. Additionally, because it happens so often, people assume it’s OK to share images and other content as long as there is a link back to where they found it from but doing that WITHOUT PERMISSION is also against the law unless that person allows sharing of their work. 

What does this mean for sharing content from Inflamed & untamed? 

You recognize that stealing content partially or in it’s entirety is illegal and is not permitted here. You understand that I, Sara Ringer, am the owner of Inflamed & Untamed and own all content (written, graphic, multimedia, and allll the things) posted on this site and it’s corresponding social media unless otherwise stated. Original content provided here and on corresponding social media accounts is copyright © of the author, Sara Ringer – all rights reserved.


Because the mission of Inflamed & Untamed is to provide education and resources to patients and the general public I do encourage sharing of posts and other content (except personal pictures of me) that you find helpful. Therefore you can:

  • Share content (not copy and paste) on social media with credit to the author including links back to the original post. You agree to share it in it’s entirety and do not alter anything. Everything must be exactly as you found it and credit must be given. Do NOT repost to your own sites or anything else. Sharing only via social media!
  • Quote (no more than 2 sentences) a portion of a post as long as you follow guidelines for quoting someone. No more than 2 sentences can be used in your content and you must contact me if you’d like to do something beyond that. You must use quotation marks and do not alter anything. 
  • For anything else please contact me. I am happy to help and appreciate you approaching the sharing of my content from this angle. 


  • Copy and paste content partially or in it’s entirety to be used anywhere else, online or otherwise, without written consent from the author.
  • Use personal pictures of Sara Ringer anywhere online or otherwise without gaining written permission.
  • You may not use the Inflamed & Untamed name or logo. 
  • Content (graphic, written, multimedia, etc.) from Inflamed & Untamed may not be used, (partially) modified, or reprinted without my written consent. 
  • You may not edit any content from this site. This includes removing watermarks, cropping photos, editing blog and educational posts, or change any of the content from this site and use it for your own purposes.
  • You may not use material (written, graphic, multimedia, etc.) from Inflamed & Untamed for commercial purposes. 
  • You may not profit from any content you have taken from this site. 
  • Do I look like a doctor? Of course I do! But I’m not. I’m not a medical professional and I am not qualified to diagnose or treat anything except bad hair. Nothing on this site or it’s corresponding social media is to be taken as medical advice. 
  • You recognize that the author provides this site for informational purposes only and agree to not use this site as medical advice or to diagnose or treat yourself or others. Always seek medical advice from a trained, licensed physician, before getting ballsy and trying something new.
  • The information provided on Inflamed & Untamed should never be used as a substitute for professional medical advice. Using, accessing and/or browsing the site and/or providing the author with personal medical information does not create a doctor-patient relationship between you and the author. Nothing contained in this site is intended to create a doctor-patient relationship or to replace the advice of a licensed clinician.
  • You recognize that I am not providing any medical, legal, or professional advice. Any information that you take from this site you are doing at your own risk and your own free will and I cannot be held responsible or liable for what results from that.
  • You understand that Inflamed & Untamed is a personal website where I share my experiences as a patient. All views and opinions expressed here come right from me ol’ head noodle and do not represent any other person, company, or organization I am associated with. Just my own opinions and my own experiences and mine alone (unless otherwise specified). Me, me, me! 
  • In addition to writing about my experiences and opinions as a patient I do write informational articles about IBD, motility disorders, and other chronic illnesses intended to educate patients and the general public. You agree to recognize that content is for informational purposes only and is not to be used to replace professional advice.
  • I make every effort to provide you with accurate and up-to-date information. While I do my best at this you acknowledge that mistakes happen and that I am only human (or a dancer). I do not guarantee the accuracy, completeness, exactness, validity, or reliability of anything on this site.
  • While I work very hard to provide you with up-to-date and accurate information at the time of publishing, as time passes understandably some of the information will no longer be accurate as new information is discovered and advancements are made. The field of medicine is a constantly evolving field of art and science. Thank goodness for that! 
  • If you see a mistake on my site do not hesitate to let me know about it.
    • Please let me know if you have questions about the accuracy of something you found here if you believe I am incorrect. It will not hurt my feelings and I will look into it and correct the mistake if it is indeed misinformation at the time of publishing. No one gets it right 100% of the time and I believe if a person is putting out informational content and acts as an authority they must be willing to take responsibility for that content and act with integrity. This is a personal conviction I live by and therefore have no problem taking full responsibility for the information I put out through this website. I proudly stand behind the work that I do.

    You recognize that content on this site may change over time. This includes my opinions, how I manage my health, and which Drag Queen is my favorite on RuPaul’s Drag Race #AlaskaForever. My health will also inevitably change over the years and therefore so will how I manage and treat it. 

Information provided on this site is provided “as is” with no warranties and confers no rights. At the time of publishing I do my best to make sure everything is accurate, including links, but I cannot control what happens as time passes and links and information at their time of publishing may not be valid or accurate in the future. 

I link to things at times. Sometimes links change over time. I may link to an awesome resource today and in 2 years you might click on it and end on porn. Who knows!? What an adventure!

I try to keep links up-to-date but be warned that URLs and domains change hands and I cannot be held responsible. 

I reserve the right to delete comments here and on all corresponding social media sites for any reason.

You recognize that I am not responsible or liable for anything anyone says in the comments.

Unfortunately I cannot guarantee the politeness, validity, honesty, or accuracy of people who leave comments. Comments on this website are the sole responsibility of their writers and the writer will take sole responsibility of anything that results from their comment.

Being nice and providing constructive criticism is always appreciated. 

I try very hard not to offend others but my taste and opinions are not for everyone. This site may contain language or images that you find offensive. By using this site you agree that you may come across content that you may not like. I do not intend to hurt feelings, “trigger”, or upset you but it may happen. I tend to be a little sassy with a side of snarky!

If you do feel upset by something on my website please do not hesitate to contact me. I want to hear from you and you have my word that I will respectfully listen to you with an open mind.