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Til Death Do Us Part: Married to my Chronic Illness

I was a child bride.

I had no say because this was an arranged marriage. I didn’t ask for this. 

At that young age I stood there in my wedding gown; you may know the kind. It ties in the back and is not very modest. I wore this gown and a hospital bracelet was slid around my wrist to seal the deal. 

A circle, this hospital band – a symbol of eternity. 

It has no beginning and it has no end. Round and round in circles… this marriage will last forever.

The ceremony went on: “Do you Sara take disease to be your…”

Disease? DISEASE?!!

Illustration of young blonde haired girl in a hospital gown with tears falling from face

No! I don’t take disease… but I had no choice. There was nothing I could do in this arranged marriage that I had no say in. 

“I do?”

 What else could I say? 

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